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Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

So Random: What Is Your Life's Theme Music?

Ice Queen
"I've given until I break"
This is so random, but I'm gunna share it anyways.  Do you ever wish that regular instances in your life had theme music?  I know, I know!  Crazy right?  Well, yesterday when I was taking a walk, this is the theme music that I wanted to playing...

Happy Mother's Day: Inexpensive Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Ahhh Mother's Day....a day for honoring a mother, or being honored as mother.  I can be sentimental at times and Mother's Day is one of those days where I prefer to give and receive something from the heart.  Store bought gifts are nice, but in my opinion, gifts can be bought year round, and so I tend to lean toward the type of gifts that just can't be bought. Now if you want to send me to Jamaica the day after Mother's Day, I'm all for it! lol!  Here are a few Mother's Day gestures that just might make the mother in your life smile :)

  1. Handmade card with a collage of childhood photos incorporated into the design.
  2. Relive mom from her daily chores.  No cooking or cleaning.
  3. Run a bubble bath, set up the TV in the bathroom so mom can watch her favorite movie while bathing.  If  the movie thing doesn't work, music and candles are nice.
  4. Offer periodic massages throughout the day.  Foot and back rubs are always welcomed.
  5. Wash her car, including the inside
  6. Perform mom's chores for her.  Organize her jewelry, purses or shoes.
  7. Be mom's errand runner for the day.  Help her check off things on her "to do" list.
  8. If she's a working mom, bring her lunch to work or surprise her at work and take her to lunch.
  9. If she's a social mom, plan a brunch for her and her friends.
  10. Last but not least, give mom plenty of hugs, kisses and "I love you's".

Best Selling Groomsmen Gifts

When in doubt about what type of groomsmen gifts to get, stick to the top sellers. When you want popular music, you go to the top 100 songs. When you want an ice cream cone, you tend to stick with a standard list of favorites. The same thing holds true when shopping for the best groomsmen gifts.

The question then becomes, how do you find a list of the top groomsmen gifts? Visit a store that specializes in wedding gifts for men or wedding gifts in general and you may find the pricing a little high. Shop online and you won't be bothered by sales associates who work on commission. Instead, you'll have all of the time in the world to browse and compare. In fact, most online stores offer easy access to sales and discount items, with easy-to-find links to things such as the “most popular” groomsmen gifts.

At American Bridal, the top unique gifts for groomsmen include:

  • embroidered cooler chairs
  • personalized cooler bags
  • weekender bags
  • personalized barbeque kits
  • black leather hip flask with cigarette case
  • beer steins and sports mugs
  • personalized pocket watches

Unless you have something particular in mind,
stick to the top sellers and you can't go wrong.

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Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Yet another pity party

The below pictures are SO not me but I am learning to find my good angle and to smile without looking conscious... I really don't know how girls work this camwhore thing.

Feels... awkward and narcissistic! =p

I like how my hairline here isn't so obvious...

and I think left is my better side...

Somehow I like this shot of me... feels more... like me.

"By His wounds you are healed."
1 Peter 2:24

So why am I in a pity party right now? Life is great. I don't have to work and I have all the time in the world. I don't get panic attacks (PA) like how I used to get them at work and there isn't much stress other than wedding planning and the inner lining of my purse. At the same time, this saying is just apt and so true - an idle mind is the devil's workshop.

The sun is shining brightly today and I woke up in an okay mood. I know for sure I didn't wake up on the wrong side of the bed, that's for sure! Heated up breakfast for Mr. C and I - two roti canai with awesome Nyonya Chicken from last night and saw him off to work.

Felt like watching Privileged and did just that with four episodes to boot! To top it off, I indulged on a facial mask, pampering my face that so needs work on it's pores. The mask left a 'granny' smell though, reminding me of my great grandmother that used to live with my family and I when I was in primary school.

And seeing how I planned to bake 'Melting Moments' today after dodgily snapping a picture of the recipe off a book at Harvey Norman last week much to Mr. C's embarrassment, my time is occupied, so, why do I feel bereft?

Why do I once again ponder this age old topic? Why do I feel that if one calls themselves friends, true friends or what not, they'd at least do something? Call perhaps or text or email or something.. anything?! Am I expecting too much?

I guess often times, people only come to me when they need someone, when they're down, when there isn't anyone else or due to much prodding from my end. Either that or they have much better things in life than to be bothered with insignificant me. Told you this is a pity party so don't judge.

It's funny now that I am here, in Melbourne, with no exact curfew, no parent harping over what time I get back but neither do I have the absolute freedom and luxury to go out and about whenever I want to and with whomever. One thing is that there's Mr. C and the other is the lack of friends.

Yeah sure, I do have some (in Aussie and Malaysia) but I am not part of their life. I am just an addition. They have their gangs, their clicks, their life and I don't blame them. Truly but it'll be nice to at least have my own gang, my own click and feel like this is my life, my home.

It'll be nice to know that I have my own gang. My own gang that gives a crap about me and knows when I am having my down times (like now) and tries to cheer me up. Unfortunately, they're all busy living their lives and who can fault them?

It's this icky thing we call, life.

Makeup Look: Purple Eyes And Pink Lips

I was feeling the color purple today and I haven't done a makeup look on myself in a while, so I decided to do a lilac, gray, purplish look.  This is a really fun look that you can take from day to evening with a few minor adjustments.

Day look:                                                                         
Inner corner - lilac shadow
Eyelid - slate grey
Outer corner/crease - deep purple
Cheek - rosy pink
Lip - Nude lipstick

Evening Look: (same as above with following changes) 
Outer corner/crease - apply a touch of black over the purple
Lip - fuschia gloss (as shown)